Kahuna Play Australia - Installation Service

HiPages Installation Service
HiPages Installation Service
Kahuna-Play Gets The Job Done Better For Our Online Shoppers

Kahuna-Play has partnered with Hi-Pages to assist our customers with in-home installations of some of the larger and more complicated products we offer for sale.

Hi-Pages is Australia's number one app and site to hire tradespeople, connecting Australians with over 80,000 home experts, building professionals and trade services.
Kahuna-Play customers can now gain access to Hi-Pages' nationwide registered tradie database and get the bulky items from Kahuna-Play assembled and installed for them.
Hi-Pages has grown significantly since it was founded in 2004. With over 2 million monthly visitors to its site and a job posted every 29 seconds, Kahuna-Play's customers no longer need to worry about ringing around looking for a tradie.

The offering will be an obligation free quote for installation and/or assembly by a Hi-Pages.com.au registered tradie who will contact you directly to submit a quote and arrange a time to install/assemble your product. Up to 3 quotes will be submitted to you by 3 individual installers.

The service is available for selected products and will be offered with a simple one-click button after you complete the checkout process.