Kahuna 3D Trampolines

A World-first for Australia from Kahuna Play ...

Have fun creating your very own customised 3D trampoline built just for you, then delivered to your door!
You can also choose from Australia's largest range of off-the-shelf combinations!

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3D create your trampoline
A World-First: Design your own trampoline with the Kahuna-Play online app right in your browser!

Get a trampoline that is just right for you, with 1000's of combinations of colours and accessories, and have your perfect trampoline delivered right to your door in just a few days.
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  • Kahuna Classic Trampolines
    Kahuna Classic
    Timeless fun and freedom
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  • 3D Design your own Trampoline
    Design Your Own
    3D Create one just for you
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  • Kahuna Rainbow Trampolines
    Kahuna Rainbow
    A colourful experience
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Proud owners of a Kahuna Trampoline
Find out why more and more families around the country are falling in love with our wide range of Kahuna trampolines. With over 30 designs, a range of sizes, colours, pad options, mat designs and accessories, our Kahuna range is fast becoming Australia's first choice. Don't take our word for it, check out this family's experience with our Kahuna trampoline.
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